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Welcome to Zond Aviation site. This site is for glider pilots, provided by a glider pilot.

The products offered here are carefully selected to provide the best value for money that is currently available.

I am glad that I can confirm that I have sourced some new products, also in line with “the best value for money” approach.

Please take a look MarS pilot parachutes. Exceptional value for money.

Also, introducing various instruments from the best in the world LX range to very affordable basic aircraft instruments.

Consider the LAK sailplanes offering. These sailplanes are non-compromising when it comes to performance and they are truly thoroughbred racing machines. Yet, the cost is 30%-40% lower than competitors.

The demonstrator sailplane LAK-17BT is already in South Africa and hopefully many more will follow. Soon. Please contact to arrange viewing and inquire about promotional offer to first South African customers.

I also invite you to take a look at the future of gliding—the revolutionary Front Electric Sustainer system. There has never been a simpler and more effective engine for your glider. And it is possible to retrofit it to most of the modern gliders.

In addition, we offer the covers which are truly of exceptional quality, yet more affordable than covers of well established brands.

Please enjoy browsing and see you in the sky!


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